• Generate your own green energy

  • Eliminate the cost of waste disposal

  • Recover phosphates

  • Produce organic fertiliser

  • Eliminate most pathogens from waste

  • Sell energy back to the grid

  • Rapid installation

  • Simple permitting

  • Remote system monitoring

Do your buildings produce organic waste?

If the answer is yes, contact us to discover how a small scale anaerobic digester can help reduce your costs, offset your carbon emissions and meet our 2030 SDG obligations.

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Explore how your project can benefit from dealing with its organic waste on-site and directly where it is generated

  • Flexible -  input and output configurations

  • cost-effective

  • Quickly and easily installed - flat concrete floor

  • Short delivery times -  3 months

  • No building needed

  • Modular and containerised - easy to expand

  • No or Reduced waste transport costs

  • Reduced gas / electricity / heating  costs

  • Remote cloud monitoring and controlled (maintenance contract)

  • Safe (certified) and odorless


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