Peri Peri Sauce

Serving Suggestion


Chicken Wings

6 full wings

Marinade for as long as possible with 2/3 tablespoons of Tiguri Peri Peri Sauce.

Braai for 25 minutes and baste no less than 3 times


Oven roast at 200°c for 25 minutes. Don't baste. Remove from oven and add 2/3 tablespoons and mix in a bowl.  

Available in:




Extra hot


"This  is just silly hot"

Tiguri Peri Peri sauce is made by hand using only fresh ingredients. It comes from an old family recipe that dates back to the early 1900's in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and has been handed down over 4 generations. It is no longer made with just African Birds Eye chili's, over the last fifteen years it has been "upgraded" to an inspiring, modern texture with distinct flavor and tones that others describe  is simply "better than Nando's".

Tiguri Peri Peri sauce comes in recycled bottles and containers that are cleaned and sterilized, therefore no standard bottle size exists.


It is sold  per 100ml and costs CHF 3.40, excl delivery.

When you order simply say how much you want and it will be delivered.

How to order

Send an email to 

State amount and degree of hotness

Your order will be confirmed and an invoice sent so you can pay using Paypal or direct bank transfer

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